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5 Cozy Mystery Novels…

Cupcakes and Corpses

Carole’s latest book…

Cupcakes And Corpses

A Terrified Detective Mystery – Book 5

The Red Bow Killer is terrorizing Cleveland, PI Claire DeNardo’s hometown. When her beloved former babysitter is found murdered with a red bow tied around her neck, Claire adopts the victim’s puppy and dives in to find the serial killer. She  pursues suspects through sleazy bars, bingo parlors, and music studios. When the body count rises as fast as the danger, Police Detective Brian Corrigan, Claire’s easy-on-the-eyes boyfriend, does everything he can to get her off this case. But her Aunt Lena’s best friend becomes a possible target and Claire is determined to find the killer before he strikes again.  

  Now available in paperback and eBook at Amazon.



BOOK ONE 72 dpi modified face

Plateful of Murder

A Terrified Detective Mystery – Book 1

Private Investigator Claire DeNardo is scared of  a lot of things. Ordinary objects like roller coasters and men’s hairpieces make her knees knock loud enough to be a band’s rhythm section. Unfortunately, the only job Claire can find is working for her Uncle Gino in his seedy detective agency. Until now, her cases have all been middle-aged men with trophy wives who needed watching. Claire quickly gets swept up in a murder case despite her fears. Both the client who hired her and the handsome police detective want her off the case. When the wrong person is charged, it’s up to the terrified detective to summon all the courage she can to find the true killer.

Now available in paperback and eBook at Amazon.



Killer Cannoli, a cozy mystery

Killer Cannoli
A Terrified Detective Mystery – Book 2

Private Investigator Claire DeNardo reluctantly takes on a case presented by her part-time employee, Ed. Ed’s cousin, Merle, is searching for his former girlfriend, a topless dancer who ran with a rough crowd. But it’s too late. The woman has been killed and Merle, who is now Claire’s client, is arrested. When Claire digs into the victim’s past, she uncovers a thriving illegal drug trade. Her fears about this case double when she learns about the mobster who is behind the unlawful business. All this while dodging Police Detective Brian Corrigan’s determined efforts to get her off the case and into his arms.

Now available in eBook and in paperback at Amazon.



Bake Me A Murder, a cozy mystery

Bake Me a Murder
A Terrified Detective Mystery – Book 3

Private Investigator Claire DeNardo is hired by the cousin of her some-time employee, Ed. He’s looking for his former girlfriend, a topless dancer who ran with a rough crowd. But it’s too late, the woman has been murdered. Claire’s client is arrested, and the body count is rising faster than Aunt Lena’s bread dough.

Now available in eBook and in paperback at Amazon.



Eclairs and Executions - a Terrified Detective Mystery Series Book

Eclairs and Executions
A Terrified Detective Mystery – Book 4

In Eclairs and Executions, a famous literary critic is murdered, and Claire’s client, a well-known author is the primary suspect. The fact that Claire witnessed this author rushing from the scene of the crime complicates matters. She must determine if her client is actually guilty or, as the client claims, merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now available in eBook and in paperback at Amazon.

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